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Rubber Rock

Rubber Rock

Making Colorado Safer

Rubber Rock was originally created in Europe for horse trailers and since then has developed into a safety decking and flooring system with a wide variety of applications. It is a very strong overlay consisting of ground up rubber and resin. The Rubber Rock has a similar installation process as our Natural stone. Rubber Rock is mixed with a polymer resin and is hand trowelled from a quarter inch to a half inch thick. We use only new rubber of the highest quality money can buy to help ensure that the colour never fades.  Rubber Rock is installed anti-skid and can stretch up to thirty percent to accommodate moving substrates. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from and can even do custom blends to help match any existing decor. Vertical applications, border options, custom designs and logos are also available.  


Rubber Rock is designed to go over any solid substrate including wood and metal. Rubber Rock is a great alternative to carpet that is durable, long lasting, safe, mold, mildew, and bacteria resistant. Since the aggregate consists of rubber it is naturally anti-skid on top of vacuum safe and pet safe. The Rubber Rock is porous and flood proof but easy to clean messes. On top of all that the Rubber Rock will not show wear and tear in high traffic areas. Rubber Rock is ideal for basements, home gyms, living rooms, play rooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, workshops, stairs. Any where you can think to put it, Rubber Rock will go!


The Rubber Rock works great on porches, patios, walkways, pool decks, driveways, garages, stairs, access ramps, trailers, barn isles, animal wash stalls. The Rubber Rock is installed with a thick layer of resin primer. That primer helps keep the rubber stuck to the concrete but also creates a water tight barrier on top of the concrete eliminating water penetration and future freeze thaw damage to the substrate which in turn helps preserve the Rubber Rock. Cleaning is a breeze and all you need is a hose and a jet spray nozzle. A power washer also works but is not always necessary. Besides cleaning with a hose there is no continuous maintenance required for the Rubber Rock making it one of our best options for outdoor use.

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