River Rock Rubber Surfacing

The Surface You Need. The Surface You Want

River Rock Rubber Resurfacing is a rubber surfacing system comprised of EPDM rubber granules mixed with high polymer resins to create a surface that is resilient, extremely durable and looks beautifull!

River Rock Rubber Surfacing is ideal for a wide array of commercial and residential applications.

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Pool Deck
Outdoor Kitchens

Fitness/Sports Facilities

Gyms/Weight Rooms
Running Tracks
Sport Courts
Physical Therapy


Active Adult
Long-term Care
Assisted Living

Agriculture & Animals

Show Barns
Kennel/Training Facilities
Dog Runs

Hotel & Resorts

Pool Decks
Fitness Centers
Handicap Ramps

Parks & Recreation

Walking Trails
Splash Pads


*Applications are not limited to the above list.

What’s in your surface?

Optional polyaspartic coatings add strength and durability for extreme commercial settings and high traffic areas.

The Rubcorp family of polyurethane resin product will be proportionately and thoroughly mixed with the EPDM granules to finalize the curing of rubber layer of your system not only for the integrity of the rubber, but to the substrate itself.

Rubcorp Primer is a Proprietary blend of appropriate resin, industrial solvent, and additives. This product has been formulated to ensure that your EPDM layer gains a herculean adhesion to the substrate not solely through binding, but deeply through surface penetration.

Preparation is essential, and our exhaustive checklist of pre-installment items ensures that your trained installer is addressing all potential threats.



Our installers have completed industry leading training from Rubcorp Distribution to install all of their premium surfacing lines.

On the day of installation, your Rubcorp Rubber Resurfacing will be mixed and blended on site and poured into place. Our trained installers will then hand trowel your surface to a flat, seamless and beautiful finish.

Rubcorp Rubber Resurfacing is truly a one of a kind surface your family will adore for years to come!

Custom Color blends
Standard colors