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founded in 1986.

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Unlike Any Other Surface

While enjoying the individually selected look and feel, you can rest assured that it has been soundly installed and designed to function and endure.

From our primed based, scalable rubber/resin mixture, to the preventative topcoat, our Rubber Surfacing will provide the ultimate enhancement to your surface for years to come. Our systems are created using only premium Rubcorp Distribution material and products. 
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"Extremely Sturdy and holds for a long time"

“Total attention to detail, wonderful to work with family-owned business!!”

Certified Installers

Our Installers have completed industry-leading training from Rubcorp Distribution to install of their premium surfacing lines.

The mixture

On the day of installation, your River Rock Surfacing will be mixed and blended on-site and poured into place. Our team will then hand trowel your surface to a flat, seamless and beautiful finish.

One of a Kind

Our Rubber surfacing is one of a kind surface your family will adore for years to come!

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