Pool Deck Maintenance Mistakes That Must be Avoided at Any Cost

Having proper pool deck maintenance in your residential or commercial place can ensure that your place looks aesthetically appealing, safe for you and your family, and at the same time, keeps the value of your asset intact.

However, when you are in charge of this maintenance, or when it is being outsourced to a contractor who is not aware of the best practices in maintaining pool decks, one can easily make some undesirable mistakes.

Here are some of the common pool deck maintenance mistakes that you must avoid at any cost:

1. Not considering your flooring options

Your pool deck surfacing is bound to gain heavy foot traffic. Plus, it is going to be constantly splashed with chlorinated water, subjected to high UV radiation and moisture damage, and there are several other factors that will compromise its durability, safety, and functionality in general.

It is thus crucial to consider your pool’s flooring options carefully. Many homeowners or even commercial establishments that own a swimming pool use rubber flooring.

It is because rubber surfaces are easy to install, skid-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, absorb shocks, resistant to mild and dew, durable, and can be easily cleaned and maintained. High-quality rubber surfaces can even offer superior UV protection

Plus, there are different types of rubber flooring options with appealing aesthetics to choose from.

2. Hard and fast deck cleaning

The worst thing you can do during the maintenance procedure of your pool deck is to conduct a hard and fast cleaning. This includes implementing power tools and over-cleaning.

When you scrub or blast your pool too harshly, it will strip off the top surface. If you are using wood, you will notice patchy and uneven color. It will also increase the risk of water damage as it will allow moisture inside. Your wood will rot and ultimately your deck will have a bending shape. Even if you are using a sealant, vigorous rubbing and blasting will strip away the sealant.

For those pool owners who use jet washers while cleaning your deck, see that you are standing back from the deck. Also, use a fan tip. Don’t use wire brushes. They may damage the delicate wooden surface. And avoid using very strong chemical cleaners. They are notorious for corroding wooden surfaces if used for prolonged periods of time.

3. Neglecting the chemistry

You might have hired the services of professionals to do the cleaning job for you. Or you might be managing the maintenance yourself. Either way, it is crucial to stay on top of every chore.

Apart from cleaning your pool, you need to test the water chemistry and add the required chemicals at least weekly or more if the pool water is changing color from clear blue to a funky green.

If you maintain proper water chemical balance, your pool will always be clean and crystalline. Use algaecides like Yellow Treat to get rid of algae in the pool water.

Most algaecides are known to lessen your chlorine level when applied. Thus, you should see that there is a high level of chlorine in the pool before you start the treatment.

Low chlorine levels combined with the algaecide will make your pool even greener in color.

Make sure to go through and follow the instructions left by the manufacturer. At the same time, check your pool pump to ensure the algaecide reaches every corner of your pool.

4. Not going for the resurfacing

After some good years of use, your pool deck will wear out and need refinishing. If you don’t look into it at the right time, you will incur heavy property loss.

Remember, pool deck resurfacing is not a simple task. It is not just repainting the oil on and leaving it to dry off. It involves a demanding process, and the job is best left to a professional.

First, you need to deep clean the entire deck. If there is dirt, it will block the oil from penetrating the wood. You will thus have a patchy finish. The process also demands deep sanding in some areas.

You can also consider installing rubber surfaces while resurfacing your pool deck. It is a cost-effective option, and you have plenty of design choices. You can either use natural rubber or synthetic rubber. These are the two major rubber types used in rubber surfacing.

That’s a Wrap!

If you are someone who has to take care of their pool deck, then you know how much you need to pay attention to it. This is your main entrance to your house, so you want to make sure it is always looking its best. The simple truth is that there are things that must be taken care of in order to take care of your pool deck.

Follow these points mentioned above to make sure you avoid all the major pool deck maintenance mistakes.